Mr. Mecham Letter

Hey Bulldogs! 

That picture really does show what I am starting to feel here at San Rafael. 

Everyone here is working hard to make things work online for you.  Remember to check your Google Classroom every day. Be sure and look at your due dates, you should not be overwhelmed.  The teachers understand that things are very flexible as we do this.  

Some of your teachers are doing “Live” office hours for you to get online and meet with them and ask questions.  Teachers and Aides will be contacting you often, mostly by email and Google Classroom. Now is a great time to create and follow a schedule so you can keep up on everything. 

If you have not been receiving emails or texts from SRMS please call the school. That is how we will communicate general school related information.

Look for an Activity/Challenge from Mr. Mecham to be posted on the Website next week. If you have pictures of things you are learning or of how you are surviving the “Social Distancing” send them our way and we will try to post them.

Most importantly: Stay safe and healthy! When school resumes we want all of you back and healthy. Follow the guidelines put out and let’s do our part to contain this illness.

Here are some resources you and your parents may find useful.


Project AWARE has created helpful ideas, “Mental Health during Social Distancing”.



Mental Health During Social Distancing

Staying home from school, away from friends, and normal activities can feel really hard.

Here are some tips that can help:

Being social helps us manage stress and stay mentally healthy. When we are distanced from friends it can lead to feelings of worry, depression, & loneliness.

1. Keep a regular routine for sleeping, eating, exercise, hygiene, study, and play.

2. Find ways to be productive with cleaning, classwork, and goals.

3. Use social media, texting, or video chat for fun & connections.

4. Find good music, shows, and books to keep you occupied; spend time outside or with a pet.

5. Keep a daily journal to track what you are grateful for.

6. Take a break from the news if it is causing you to worry.

7. Stretch, exercise, and take deep breaths to feel calmer.

8. Talk about how you are feeling with family, friends or check in with a counselor.

9. Use the SafeUT app and chat with a crisis counselor.

10. Remember that this situation is temporary, and that we are all in this together. 

* Offer kindness to others.

Utah State

 Intermountain: Covid in Kids

 National traumatic stress kids- covid

Meal Pick Up Information
Food Service Drop Off and Curb Side Delivery
  • Meal Bags – Contains Breakfast/Lunch Meals
  • Free to all children 0-18 years of age.
  • Curb side pick-up will be by the kitchen at SRMS from 10:30-11:30 each school day
  • Check each town, address and time for meal drop off at Food Service Drop Off Locations/Times
  • Families may go to pick up location closest to them
  • Students must be present to pick up meal bag
Emery Castle Dale
Stop Address Time Stop Address Time
1st  200 W 300 N 10:30 1st  800 N Bell Ave. 10:30
2nd 200 W 200 S 10:45 2nd 200 N 350 W 10:45
3rd Moore 11:05 3rd 300 E 100 S 11:00
Ferron Huntington/Lawrence
Stop Address Time Stop Address Time
1st  1300 S Hwy 10 10:30 1st  220 S Lawrence Rd. 10:30
2nd 800 S Hwy 10 10:36 2nd 1675 E Lawrence Main 10:35
3rd 630 S Hwy 10 10:42 3rd 180 E 200 S 10:43
4th Bowden Ln. Molen Rd. 10:45 4th 300 W 200 S 10:55
5th 1420 W Canyon Rd. Albrect 10:50 5th 200 E 300 N 11:08
6th 1195 W Canyon Rd. Taylor 10:55
Clawson/North Ferron Stop Address Time
Stop Address Time 1st  900 W Airport Rd. 10:30
1st  1170 E Bench Rd. Weber 10:30 2nd 175 N 700 E Cleveland 10:45
2nd 630 E Bench Rd. Funk 10:42 3rd 200 E Main Elmo 11:05
3rd 785 N Hwy 10 Guymon 10:52 4th 3405 N State Rd. 155 11:15
4th 10 S Main Post Office 11:05
5th 600 N 125 E Ferron Skinners 11:25 Green River
Stop Address Time
Orangeville 1st  1345 E 500 S 10:30
Stop Address Time 2nd 1175 N Hastings Rd. 10:40
1st  495 N Canyonview Dr. 10:30 3rd Corner kings Ln. Long St. 10:55
2nd 200 E 400 S 10:45 4th 1065 E Kings Lane 11:05
3rd 125 N Mill Dam Rd. 11:00 5th 1000 N Long St. 11:15
4th 240 N 400 W 11:15
Temporary Dismissal Letter

Dear SRMS Parents and Students:

What an adventure we are setting out on!

We are always being told we must learn to adapt to an ever changing world. Well, now we get to do it.  

I truly hope that you  and your loved ones are safe and healthy at this time of uncertainty.  We all want normalcy back into our lives and our community as soon as possible.  I know that in my life, as a youth and as a parent, school has always been part of that “normal”. Unfortunately, school for the moment, does not seem normal. But, we at SRMS encourage you as parents and students to use what we have to offer to bring some routine and “normalcy” into your day. Set up a schedule to work on school assignments and, yes students, even chores as well as play.

Parents, please feel free to contact the teachers and the school with questions and for assistance. We stand ready to assist and help direct your student’s continued learning. Teachers and aides will be reaching out to the students often through Google Classroom and by phone and email. 

Here are some important and specific information for you regarding SRMS and how things will happen here as we deal with this situation.

Communication: Parents and students, during this time of “social distancing” we ask that you follow closely all school events electronically.  Important, general information will be posted on the SRMS website  

our Facebook page:   and also check the 

Emery District webpage. 

The quickest form of communication from SRMS is through the ParentLink. These can be received by text, email or phone call. Most likely text.  We are finding that there are some parents which have blocked the SRMS number and not receiving these messages. ParentLink texts come as a text # 60680. Please do not block it. We do our best to limit the number of general communications, but in emergencies or a need to get you information, ParentLink is the quickest. If you are not receiving a ParentLink contact us! We have sent out text messages both Monday, 3/16 and Tuesday 3/17. Please check.

3rd Term Report Cards: Included with the letter is the 3rd term report card for your student. If your student earned a failing grade, now would be a great time for them to communicate with the teacher regarding remediation work which could get the grade and learning back up.

Google Classroom: Students, your teachers are preparing and posting work on Google Classroom.  These will all be pushed out on Wednesday (3/18/20) morning or earlier.There you will be able to access learning and assignments as well as return your work in the time frames indicated. Our goal and purpose is to keep you progressing in your learning.  You will need discipline and determination to do your part in your education.

All SRMS students will access their class work through their teacher’s Google classroom. If you can’t access a specific class, contact the teacher or call the school. 

ChromeBooks: Knowing that some may not have internet accessible devices at home, you will be able to arrange to borrow a chromebook from the school. You will need to contact the school and come in to sign a contract and get the device. This is for homes that do not have access to an internet capable device. 

Internet Access: Emery Telcom is offering “free internet” hook up until the end of school if you do not currently have internet in your home. Call  (435) 748-2223 for information.

School Schedule: For the time being, the SRMS office will be open and staffed each day during the hours of 8:00 AM -3:00 PM. Call or pop in as needed to retrieve things from the school. In compliance with protocols being put in place throughout the state we are reducing the number of people including staff who will be in the building at any time.  Teachers will be coming to school occasionally and some will be doing video lessons as well. Watch your Google Classrooms for those opportunities. It is anticipated that teachers will be on-site 2-3 days a week and work from home the other days. If staff are in a “high risk” category for infection they will be working from home. But with the wonder of technology, all are “virtually” available during the hours of 8 AM-3 PM. 

Gear up: If you are enrolled with Gear-Up they will be contacting you.

Counseling: If you have been visiting regularly with the school Social Worker or other Mental Health personnel in the district they will be contacting you. Also, if you feel that your student needs to meet with someone regarding stress, anxiety etc., contact the SRMS office and we will help to get the assistance you need.

Registration: We continue planning for the next school year.  To do so 6th and 7th graders will be receiving an email from Mrs. Robinson with a schedule of class offerings. Please fill it out with a parent and return as soon as possible.

Schools have always been a focus and refuge for communities. Please continue to look to SRMS as a source of support and continuity. We are committed to do our very best at this time of uncertainty to; help our students learn and grow, help our communities to support and strengthen each other and to be a resource for you and your families any way we can.

Thank you for your support and for helping your students to progress in their education.

Bulldogs are known for their strength. GO BULLDOGS!


Principal Doug Mecham

San Rafael Middle School

Food Service Drop Off and Curbside Delivery

 Meal Bags – Contains Breakfast/Lunch Meals

  • Free to all children 0-18 

  • Foot traffic or curb side will be at the front doors of every school from 10:30-11:30 each day. @ SRMS if you have to drive to school you can stay in your car and use our SRcDrivethru, past the kitchen doors!