The Mission of San Rafael Middle School is to prepare every student with the knowledge, skills, values, and vision for lifelong success in a changing world.
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Principal's Corner

Dear San Rafael Community,

In this time of Covid-19 and political issues, there is a need and call for transparency in all areas and organizations. As the principal of SRMS, I feel the need to be very transparent at this time for the sake of all our stakeholders and especially our students.

Recently, as faculty and staff of San Rafael Middle School, we have seen a very disturbing trend at school. Many of our students have displayed disrespectful and even belligerent behavior.  This behavior includes students being disruptive in classes, which causes the teachers to spend more time and effort on classroom management than on teaching. This directly impacts learning opportunities for all students. Some students consistently refuse to follow instructions given, or do not accept any accountability for their actions. The classroom then becomes an increasingly difficult place to learn and to teach as classroom management must become a heavy priority.  If a student shows they are unable or unwilling to follow in-class and in-school expectations and rules, there currently still exists the option of online/remote learning. 

Each student has a right to an education. Students do not have a right to hinder that education for others by negative behaviors. 

This behavior trend is not just occurring in the classroom. Many students are too often getting into each others’ space both physically and emotionally.  Sadly, small acts of vandalism and defacement of property have occurred. This has the potential to make some aspects of school unsafe for students and staff. This is not the type of behavior that I have come to expect from any San Rafael student. 

I have full confidence that the parents of our SRMS students are supportive of a safe and positive experience for their students. Also, that no parent would knowingly allow their child to exhibit behaviors that are detrimental to a learning environment.  Unfortunately, these behaviors are happening in our school.

Currently, I am instructing my teachers and staff to document and send an email to parents and myself, for each incident relative to these types of negative behaviors. If a student is referred to the office for any behaviors that necessitate an office referral I, as principal, will contact the parents as soon as possible to discuss the issue and consequences.  

It is my hope, and has been for all my years as a teacher and school administrator, that students can and will have a positive learning experience in my classroom and school.  I hope you will continue to collaborate with SRMS staff, and myself, to make it possible.  We have a great school with great students and a staff who care for their success. We appreciate the support you can give us in this situation. Thank you for working with us on improving the experiences of all our students. 

Lastly, please communicate with your student regarding their current school experience. What is going well and what struggles do they have regarding behaviors they have seen or experienced?  Never hesitate to contact school personnel concerning your students' needs.  I am personally interested in receiving ideas of how to improve our school. If you have suggestions, please feel free to contact me via email at .  Unfortunately, I am currently under quarantine and working remotely, so email will be the best for the next while.

Working together I know that our students’ educational experiences will be improved.


Mr. Doug Mecham

SRMS Principal

Through a Utah State grant, we are excited to offer free internet connectivity to online or blending learning students who have a financial need. We would like to thank Emery Telcom for helping us with this grant. To apply please click the following link and return the form to the Emery School District Office.

Internet connectivity Application Form

Emery County Friends:
We are excited to announce our return to school plan and look forward to having our students return to school on August 25th!  Please become familiar with the following information: 
  • Instruction Request Form:  (Spanish Version)  Families use this form to select education delivery for each student (in-person or distance ed).  This form needs to be turned into schools by August 10th at noon. 
  • Face Covering Information:  (Spanish Version)  General information about wearing face coverings at school.  Individuals with a qualifying medical condition, mental health condition, or disability can submit this form to the school office to request an exemption from wearing face coverings. 
  • School Reopening Framework:  Emery School District’s framework for returning to school based on Utah State Board of Education requirements. 
We encourage you to check back regularly for updates.  Site-based school plans will be published by August 10th.  Please contact the district office or your school for more information.

SanRafael Middle School Re-Opening Plan
UHSAA Return to Play Document